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#06 Suburbia + Typology

Issue 06 considers the relationship between typology and the architecture of suburbia. Three essays respond to the evolving spatial types that define the suburbs as a coherent condition.

Essay 01
The Modern-Greek Maison Dom-ino

Nikos Magouliotis (architect) describes the architecture of the Greek Maison Dom-ino; an ad-hoc and pragmatic form of development that has slowly reshaped the landscape of Greece since its emergence in the post-war period.

Essay 02
The Semi-detached House: Its Place in Suburban Housing

Jim Murphy (Emeritus Dean of Architecture UCD) surveys the history of the semi-detached house, uncovering its possible origins, eventual crystalisation and subsequent variations; as well as its role in the suburbanisation of Ireland.

Essay 03
Low-rise housing in Adamstown: A Typological Study

Susan Dawson (architect/tutor CCAE) sets out the realities of designing a 21st Century housing project in Adamstown, Co. Dublin and imagines an alternative typology for building a suburb.

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